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Project + Creative Space

If I’m not scouting for Vintage + Bohemian Bangles + Gypsy Treasures,
I like to stay busy with my second favorite passion. Ok one of my top five and the least cool: organizing. I’m not going to pretend I am the most organized person but I may be the BEST at PLANNING to be the most organized person.
PSA: It takes me about a month to choose the perfect planner and I often change it with a new one six months into the year. #itsnotyouitsme
I realize writing a blog post about post it notes is probably as lame as pretending you invented them. #RomyandMichelle
Watch it:
I also know blogs on decorating tend to attract more readers than Post It’s. (No offense to whomever did invent post its- b/c I think your amaze!)
As Live Styled + Live Free wings began to blossom I knew my “Shop” AKA my condo was going to need a kick ass office. (Unfortunately, you won’t get to peek at mine until next week) Here are some amazing design spaces that are my personal favorites.
1.Cannon & Coffee-  
Anais and Dax are partners in work-and-play. They actually make their own coffee. They had me at coffee. This so-cal couple are not only ascetically blessed but creative, smart and successful. When I saw a picture of Anais working at her bohemian beach vibe desk. It was official #relationshipgoals #laidbackworkspacegoals
2. Vintage Industrial Style
Vintage Industrial Style is an old fashion blog with a breezy approach. Old or classics, new or interpretation, vintage is a way of life, and you choose to join the road back in time in a unique vintage style kind of way.
Need I say more? #vintagecamera #polaroid #dreamcatcher
3. Spell and the Gypsy Collective
Rustic + Minilimist + Simplistic +Futon Or maybe it was just the clothes rack that caught my eye. #rustic #white #furryblanket
4. The Wacky Wagon Thread Co.
Music + Skull + Vintage + Mannequin + Eclectic +Guitar - Do I even have to mention it's also a bedroom. You get to work from your bedroom! #gamechanger
I hope when my little creative work space is completed it will incorporate all of my little quirks . I encourage everyone to find their unique style and that certainly goes for your home, your attitude and your spirit.
++ Renata

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