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  • Live Styled..... Live Free....

    I think the original purpose of this blog was to bitch about branding.......... However like most things in life, it turned an unexpected direction.... so
    The fact that we are under no obligation to be the same person we were yesterday, well HELL YES. 
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  • Finding Your Muse

    But how do you get that deep inside yourself? Well my loves, this is for you and you alone to figure out. Inspiration comes from the most unlikely of places. So keep your eyes and ears and hearts open, it may not bring the clarity you seek, but you will feel, you will learn. You can't look for answers . Because you'll only end up with more questions.
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  • The future is no place to place your better days

    The Vintage Bohemian isn't into labels. We create our own style and we don't follow the rules.  Whether it be in fashion or music or thought - Let go of who you think you're supposed to be and be who you are. 

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  • It's ALL MESSY, but it is definitely AMAZING

    Are we Lost, Lacking, Learning? No we are Living. Definitely, Maybe. Perfectly Un Perfect  

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