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The Shop

Welcome to the Vintage Bohemian

Simply stated; The Vintage Bohemian is the spiritual love child of  "Live Styled + Live Free"; a Vintage Shop and Modern Bohemian Free spirited Boutique. 

 Influenced by music, poetry, wanderlust, travel and all things vintage. Including our favorite decades the 40's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's.  We believe fashion should be you and unique. Quantities are limited , pre-orders are welcomed and and encouraged.  We support the ethical fashion movement and order our merchandise in small select batches. 

Bohemian Style

Style is not defined by one certain look, which is why we use categories such as Boho Glam, Indie Festivalista, Jet Set Gypsy, Vintage Boho, Bohemian Beach.  It is our goal to carry a variety of designers to satisfy the many looks a Vintage Bohemian has; she can not be defined by labels.  We don't follow trends; we fearlessly make them.


We have the passion for finding the most eclectic things and seeing the incredible beauty each one holds. There is something about vintage items that create such a magical feeling. So much history behind each piece, now yours, for you to add to their story.  The Vintage Bohemian may not seem to be very vintage at all, however we are our own muse. We mix vintage pieces with current clothing from other fashion retailers, creating a fusion of vintage and on trend outfits. 


Vintage Clothing is one of a kind and it takes some time to find the right pieces. At times, our Vintage Selection may be scarce- but hold tight we promise once we find it we will bring it to you. 

We Believe 

We are all magical and we are meant to live spirited lives filled with truth and love & freedom. The Vintage Bohemian reflects that in their authentic style. There are no limits, no rules. Mixing old and new;

We live Styled + Free + True.

We welcome all- the dreamers, the artists, the poets, the music makers, the lovers, the peace makers, the free.