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The Jet Set Boho

The Vintage Bohemian has gone International. And we are Jessie Spano caffeine pill excited! 

Technically this isn't my blog post for May. The post for May is still doing the salsa in my brain. However, I wanted to update you guys on some changes well ONE change within our shop. 

After a week in Mexico, I was able to find so many beautiful and magical pieces! Like a toddler I literally had to to touch and ask questions about everything.

I like to think my Spanish is comprehensive (as my resume points out). Frankly it is more like: Yo hablo espanol un poco. As I  emphasize "un poco" with my hands.  The same hand gesture I use when I want more Tito's in my vodka club not to be confused with the "keep em coming" gesture when I want more lime wedges in said vodka club. Like this:  

Actually no. This is the gesture:            

Side Note: I spent an inappropriate amount of time looking for the PERFECT stock photo. Thank you OCD. 

Soooo. Oh right the big announcement. 

So, in order to provide more of the amazing vintage finds, I will now be able to free up some time by having your new pieces shipped directly from the designer. 

No Need to fret- it' s still free Woah. Easy J Lo.   

So basically nothing changes for our customers, well I won't be able to add magical notes to your orders (which is literally one of my favorite things) I know. Life is exciting! hashtag never get old 

Our love child is growing and we have all you vintage bohemian trailblazers  to thank! Seriously though, I am so grateful to all of you!  (Group Hug) 

Check out the collection 

Hmm... this kinda looks like a full blog.... "Un Poco" blog, if you will......

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