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Vintage Slip Dress

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Vintage early 90's made, babydoll mini dress cut, Vintage styled 1960's Silk, Post Civil War Southern Style Beading, 1940's inspired embroidery. Truly a homage to the last Century of Style, Fabric and history. The Vintage slip dress 

+ Dress is early 90's Vintage yet is inspired by previous decades trends
+ Condition: Excellent (No Rips/Tears/Stains/Defects/Ordors)

Faster than you can say "Donna Martin Graduates" the beloved 90's slip dress is back. And just like our favorite sweetheart Donna Martin- this slip dress proves to not be so sweet. Don't let those hand embroidered flowers fool you! The Sheer hem is stunning! The adjustable straps make for easy fitting and lets you decide how far or not you want to go.

One of a Kind Vintage