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Accountability, Basics & a New Friend

I know , I know you thought I abandoned the blog…..

After those lame December entries.. What?   Sometimes I just can’t.. well i could of but no one was asking where the blog was?  It was easy to put it off doe a variety of excuses.  I sure wasn’t firing me…… Bad habits. I love the blog.Yes at times the thought of writing it gives me actual pain, bc it does take a little effort it can be a little scary stepping outside your normal comfort zone.   I wasn’t holding myself accountable.

  Secret:  I am a housewives junkie. I know. I know. Deep down I am your regular Starbucks drinking, housewife watching, Stassi  Schroeder loving basic bitch. But really I’m not..... #music is my savior


Soo anyway, the last season RHOBH introduced us to a new housewife. Teddy Mellencamp . Yes as in John. Anyway Teddy is an accountability coach. That is not a typo- and that is a REAL JOB.   On first thought- I was like get me one of those please. Sign me up. HA Now maybe I’m just basic or negative, but if you’re the type of person who needs an accountability coach, more than likely you would find no fault in lying to an accountability coach.   

Maybe I am jaded. But it’s like that show my 600 lb life. I’m not making fun. The show is quite heart breaking  and I am really very sensitive of the topic of weight - too skinny too fat…   It’s too much. So on TLC’S reality show,  the patient goes in to get the weight loss surgery and they are instructed to eat a certain way, then said patient misses the next check up and the next and the next. Finally the patient is taken by ambulance for her weigh in.  Her expected weight loss at this time should have been around 70 lbs.  She gained 50. Like WTF! Is her doctor a hack, did they do the surgery wrong?


 Cue in the  footage from the last few months. The patient doesn’t follow any instructions.  Okay she has a serious illness. However eating brownie batter from a bowl was def not on the doctor’s “ok to eat list”   She doesn’t get out of bed the entire time. LIKE THE ENTIRE TIME. And she didn’t follow any of the doctors dietary instructions.

Ohhhhhh Okay. That’s why she didn’t loose any weight. Stop the malpractice lawsuit.  My point being if you don’t hold yourself accountable , why would you pay someone else to?  The entire time the patient is just going on and on about how she has no idea how this happened; while her doctor just stares at her. He knows how this happened. He knows she didn’t follow the instructions.  I want to make this clear; Obesity is a medical problem.  I am not judging this woman, by any means, and I wish only positive things for her or anyone in this situation. 

 Another reality show reference the now reformed  Jay Taylor. ( I say reformed b/c I am routing for Jax and Brittney 100%) She is such a doll  she deserves her fairytale wedding.  Anyway Jax, real name Jason, used to lie to his therapist. Then go to therapy about lying to his therapist. I’m pretty sure this is not how therapy works. Effectively any way.   

So there I was. I had my case and opinion on accountability coaches.  That was that. ……

WRONG.   I started to think, in AA recovering alcoholics have sponsors whom are also recovering alcoholics.   People have personal trainers who push them to do the extra round of squats….  Even your boss can act  serves as an accountability coach OR  enforcer. How else are you going to buy all the amazing things on Tsite if you have no income.   You bet your ass if your boss tells you to process the QUED report your going to do it; or pass it off to Cathy (she’s a whiz on the computer)


So agree to disagree?  I actually disagree with my initial thought that only you and you alone can hold yourself accountable. A 2nd party could definitely have its benefits.  I think that all the baby boomers of the world can step hackling us on all of our made up jobs. Seriously, Dave it was your generation that put economy in such a state that college  graduates couldn’t get jobs, we had to make up new ones.  Isn’t that how life works anyway? Jobs that were necessary in the past make zero sense now- just as new jobs have become essential to industries.   (Disclosure: I only passed ECON 101 and 102 - i.e.

I am NO expert, I could be entirely wrong on the subject but this is my Blog and One thing I do know is the first amendment , and I have the freedom of speech. Thank you James Adams. 


So.. The point of this is we have a special treat coming. A guest blogger who is yup you guessed it an Accountability Coach. 


Stay Tuned. Thank You, Next 


XXX Renata 





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