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The Equivalent of Watching a VHS..... What's a VHS?

My reluctance for this month's blog bares very much resemblance to the "Healthy Living Diet" I start every Monday....

Meaning by lunch I've had 1 Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Latte " Skinny Vinny" if you will. Side note ; my friend actually went to Starbucks and tried to order a " Skinny Vinny" not realizing that its not an actual thing... She's cute......

Where was I? Oh by lunch it's one skinny vinny  and a package of those gummy panda bears. I pretend it's healthy b/c it reads "non gmo" I don't actually know what that means, but I assuming its better..  As you can see, I am a bit all over the place. I usually try and focus when it comes to blog writing - but it's October 31st  and this is my brain.... Exhausting right..


Either way, It's not like this is a regular mom I mean blog......... It's a  cool blog.  So if your going to drink, I prefer you do it prior to reading. ;)  Don't get me wrong I love the blog. It gives me a chance to speak directly to my vintage boho's and give out witty life advice, which turns out to be the same advice I don't follow. 

This is the part where you feel like your in junior high and you walk into science class and the lights are off and the teacher has wheeled a ratty old cart containing a T.V. and prehistoric VHS machine.  Instead of learning about photosynthesis  you'll be watching a riveting documentary on bugs... IE  said science teacher met up with your cute math teach and  had too many margarita's at Happy Hour last night. His head is pounding and he's sweating tequila.  He can't teach you anything today,  So here is my version of the "hungover lesson" 
The Equivalent of Watching a VHS..... What’s a VHS?      

Coterie NYC: So last month we went to. It was our first big fashion market and it was everything and more.  I wandered around a little bit, then got my hair braided. Check Out Sam's Artistry on insta. She's a total doll and talented hair designer!  After a couple boozy ice pops courtesy of  FrutaPOP                                              

 I put my big girl pants on and  made some amazing new connections with some VERY coveted  brands. See below for the list!  I met Nikki Hilton, and met an even more amazing artist Dani Egna  Check her out HERE  Dani hand draws the most amazing chic temporary tattoos that we now offer for sale on our site: Inked By Dani Collection 

The Equivalent of Watching a VHS..... What’s a VHS?

New Site Layout: We have a new site layout!  If you didn't even notice don't feel bad neither did my own mom. However, with the new layout - we hope to organize as our collections grow - making them easier to find. There is also some fun little ad ins and cool buttons. Hey fake it till you make it. 

 Quad Pay: Well look at us aren't we fancy...  We now offer Quad Pay!  Which is seriously more genius than well this blog.... With Quad pay your able to get your favorite items right away and pay for it in 4 equal payments over the next 2 Months.  I think my birthday came early... I Love everything about this.  It is totally secure, no credit check, no social security number.  (Just make sure you remember to make all your payments.... or you won't  get to use it anymore.)  We totally used Veruca Salt's slogan "I WANT IT NOW"  to roll out the news. 

NEXT : Fallon & Royce Bags arrive Nov. 15th! Pre- Order them NOW ! Look for The Vintage Bohemian in a few cool media articles (don't worry we will shamelessly post them ) and check out our collab with The Indie Gypsie

 Our journey continues. It's been messy and scary and complicated. I guess that's what makes it so amazing. It's hard to believe is hasn't even been a year- and The Vintage Bohemian has been recognized not only for it's unique selection of clothing styles, but also it's web content. We are authorized retailers of International Labels such as Free People, Stoned Immaculate, Jen's Pirate Booty, For Love and Lemons, DaydreamerLA,  Lenni the Label, and Fallon & Royce, Stillwater ; and continue to bring our Vintage A Game. Someone pinch me. The Vintage Bohemian was quoted as "withholding their value's in non mass produced fashion retailing The Vintage Bohemian is well on the way to becoming the next must know life style brand"

This has definitely been one of the hardest and most rewarding things I have ever done. I COULD NOT HAVE come this far without everyone who has supported The Vintage Bohemian. THANK YOU. All of you. I am humbled by your kind words and and forever gracious of your support. Don't ever let ANYONE tell you what you are capable of. Never ALLOW ANYONE to set your standards. I can not wait to see whats in store for us yet! The Equivalent of Watching a VHS..... What’s a VHS?


++ Renata 

The Equivalent of Watching a VHS..... What’s a VHS?




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    Loved meeting you at Coterie!!!!! The site is looking amazing! When am I gonna get you into the showroom?!!!!

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