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Who are We?

Our lives our constantly changing.  The fact that we are under no obligation to be the same person we were yesterday was one of the motivating thoughts that pushed me to start my little baby vintage shop.  Everyday is a learning day. I am literally learning as I go. I have one rule for each day; do better today than yesterday.


When I refer to “learning” I don’t mean how to start an etsy shop, how to start an e-commerce website, how not to spend more money than you are actually making, how to let go of the most perfect fitting vintage Russian Fur Coat that you've become emotionally attached to. (I miss you beautiful coat). In reality I don't know how to do any of those things. I mean  the little things you learn in life. The things you often have to re-learn.  And if your anything like me, re-learn again. Unfortunately, its stands true, I learn on Renata time.  No matter how long it takes, I can only figure it out when I am ready.

If your eyes are glazing over, wondering why I am going on and on about learning like some “Dear Abbey” column sit tight. I’ll get there. When I am ready.


So why am I lecturing about learning? Well, maybe I am hard up for material as it has been 2 months and I’ve only logged 2 Blog entries.  But mostly, I think it is because I am going through so much change.  Change is like the sister seasoning to learning. Salt meet pepper.   2 spices although quite different still blend together in the end.


Live Styled + Live Free will be 2 months old on my least favorite holiday Valentine’s day.  In those 2 months, I have gone through 2 Instagram handles, 3 web pages and have purchased 4 yes 4 domains.Side Note: if when registering your domain name, you spell it incorrectly it will not spell check it for you.   I spent a week wondering why I couldn’t access my $14.00 per year domain thevintagebohemian.com; eventually I learned I didn’t own vintagebohemian.com;  OH NO I was the PROUD owner of “thevintageboheMAIN.COM”  Life hack; if your bad at spelling pay someone to check it.

I have a reputation of being indecisive.  Rather, I think it’s because every day I learn more and more about business, relationships, myself, fashion  etc. and when I learn I change a little. What felt right in December got off track in January and now is adjusting to a combination of both.


This isn’t a blog about starting a business, I am no business mogul.  I am a free spirit little weirdo who is STILL trying to figure out what and who she wants to be.  Professionally and Personally. Live Styled + Live Free isn’t wearing the same outfit she wore in December, she has put on her Vintage Bohemian Couture.


Think about that. It’s quite magical.  You have every single day of your life to figure IT,  figure anything out.  If something isn’t working in your life, change it, rebuild it, rebrand it. Hell, I don’t even know what this blog is about anymore!


I know this, you do have to make decisions (Side Note: reason 235 I hate getting my nails done: deciding on a color.)   Whether these decisions are good or bad, they are yours. You have  made them, now learn from them and if you need to; simply change your outfit. 

 And with that I welcome you to visit www.thevintagebohemianshop.com . She has the same sass and wondrous spirit as Live Styled + Live Free, but a little more focused. Older…  2 months wiser. A teeny size 000 closer to figuring it all out.



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    I love your store and blogs keep it up girl!

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