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Wild Hearts Run Free

PSA: I am a blog virigin. 

Welcome to my spiritual love child,  Live Styled + Live Free, Vintage Shop + Bohemian Boutique

 What started out as love and eye for fabulous vintage finds soon turned into a small etsy shop where you could find really cool stuff.  HINT: visit 

Vintage items ranging form clothing to decor are added daily.  Merchandise from every decade is included. Even the 90's. (Yes 1998 is VINTAGE) 

 Eventually, I was given the opportunity team up with various merchandisers- and now have the resources to provide many different styles of women's fashion on our own website 

We have one style RULE: -whatever you choose to wear, love it, own it and rock it! 

 Even at a young age, when finding your way seemed impossible;  trust me my awkward phase still continues...... I always had confidence in what I choose to wear.  Were some of my creations for “everyone” of course not!  They were however, perfect for me!  I have been shopping primarily vintage for the past few years and love mixing old with new.  

I have a passion for finding the most eclectic things and seeing the incredible beauty each one holds. There is something about vintage items that create such a magical feeling.  So much history  behind each piece, now yours, for you to add to their story. 


Live Styled + Live Free was not only to share the one of a kind vintage pieces I have and continue to find  but also to encourage women to find their “style” or rather their UNIQUENESS and wear it proud!


A former wild child,  current free spirit and old soul;  I have a passion for fashion in every era.  I don't limit myself to a "specific" genre or style in fact I LOVE TO MIX THEM ALL.   


I know I feel my best and true self self when I am living free and living my style. I encourage everyone to do the same! Always remember YOU are your OWN Brand.  CREATE FOR YOU!  Live styled + Live Free


++ Renata

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