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Do Festival Season Like a Vintage Bohemian

As passionate as I am about fashion; my soul belongs to Music

 While I can't agree that fashion is the BEST part of a music festival,  there is no DENYING there’s a whole new genre of clothing solely dedicated to honoring the magic of the laid-back desert vibes resonating from festivals like Coachella

I’ve never been to Coachella- being from NY it’s not as easy for us East Side residents to pack up and head to the desert. However, I am no festival virgin. The North East offers many festivals as does the Mid-West and Southern states. If your into being international which I am- there are tons of great festivals going on all over the world.


I’d love to write one of those amazing, had to be there,  stories from my adventures, but frankly that would just take too long. And to be perfectly honest, I don’t think I can remember most of them.

I will preach this; if you have even the remote opportunity to attend any Music & Arts Festival. DO IT. I have heard some of the most amazing sets, met so many unbelievable people, and experienced some of the most amazing soul awakening moments.  (Note: this moments did not involve drugs)

 Hunter Ski Mountain is located in the Catskill Region of New York, for a weekend in June it host Mountain Jam. Last year’s headliner, Tom Petty. Unfortunately, that was the last time I got to see the performer live and he did not disappoint. I spent the weekend lugging camping gear up a mountain, dancing like my shoulders were on fire,(Troy Reference)  and having one of the best times of my life.

Life fact: I spent it with a perfect stranger (stranger no more) shout out  (are shout outs still a thing? So I'll say heyyyyy to Paulie- hands down one of the coolest, sweetest, music lovers I have yet to meet. We sang and danced and laughed our little heart outs  and haven't lost touch yet. 

This Spring and Summer, as you’re packing your bags to hit the road to rock out to your favorite bands, it’s time to rethink your festival outfits. The beauty of festival season is that it’s a unique opportunity to express yourself through fashion. So whether your vibe is more youthful and free-spirited, high fashion, or seriously boho, the sky’s the limit.

 Where past seasons have focused heavily on fringe and flower crowns, this season seems to be shifting to more laid back unique looks like tie dye details, overalls and logos, western belts, and off-the-shoulder looks. That’s a shift the Vintage Bohemian can rally behind. Be your own Muse! The fashion is part of the art, the music and the journey are now a part of. Your Living Styled + Living Free 

In need of some serous fashion inspo? Look into your soul, find the magic within and express whomever you choose to be. Happy Hunting! 

(Just kidding) it’s only fair to show you some of our most inspiring looks and plug in a little link to the vintage, bohemian festival fashions available on The Vintage Bohemian Shop (unapologetic website plug)

So whether you dare to bare it all in revealing bandeaus and bathing suits, stick to classics like denim staples, or like to take a trip back to the the free-spirit boho vibe of the original music festival – yes, we’re talking Woodstock, the world is your oyster. Now, ready, set, and hit the circuit!


  Oh and I have to say hey to a new friend from Cali-  Hey Grace!   Grace  inspired this blog tonight, she will be attending Coachella in a truly one of a kind vintage piece from Our SHOP!

The Vintage Bohemian doesn’t hesitate she knows what she wants and she is gonna get it!



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    Just purchased my Coachella outfit on the Vintage Bohemian Shop site

  • Posted by kristin on

    I obsessed with the Vintage Bohemian.

  • Posted by kristin on

    I ’m obsessed with the Vintage Bohemian.

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