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Vintage Fusion

"The Vintage Bohemian may not seem to be very vintage at all, but what’s so great about her style is how she mixes vintage pieces with current clothing from other fashion retailers, creating a fusion of vintage and on trend outfits. "

I am a proud card carrying member of what some like to call the "Say Nothing" Generation..... Are we really not saying anything? Or are we saying it our own way. Through Fashion, Art, Music- I think we have a ton of shit to say!  Maybe you should start learning to listen Linda.  

But for now, I am using this blog entry to introduce you to some of our amazing new friends. 

Meet Eva, a fashion and travel blogger from Southern California. The Indie Gypsie Eva and I are currently working on doing a fabulous collaboration with Eva and we couldn't be more excited! 

Enter in 2nd new friend Stoned Immaculate. An L.A based designer whose creations are made of premium denim. Stay tuned for these specialty items to hit our Shop Stoned Immaculate is like our sole sister. Talk about putting the vibe in our tribe! 



Next Up are Mark and Marilyn the insanely chill laid back Vintage collecting bordering hoarding (sorry Mark) but you have a ton of stuff! Thank you for letting me touch them!   Mark and Marilyn own The Inn at Woodchuck Hill  in Grafton, Vermont. Literally, you take a dirt road to get there.  The town of Grafton is without a doubt beautiful. Think sleepy New England sleep away camps where girls and boys are separated by a lake.  Unconventional is def the name of Mark's game. our stay included 1. A selection of which room we preferred. No up sale no up charge, simply hey these two rooms are available what is your pleasure?  Groovy. 2. A no clothes allowed nudie pond. Natural Swimming Pool if you will. 3. No mention of alternative down comforters. Meet the Quilt!  Thank me later.....

Where are we going with this? No where.  I mean if you look hard enough all you Freudian readers will see some sort of hidden meaning.  But let's keep it light and NOT divulge into boys in love with their mothers who want to kill their fathers philosophies. I mean we're PG-13

Truthfully, Matt the computer code writing guy informed me the in order to improve The Vintage Bohemian's "Conversion" rate I had to update the search optimization code for each product. 

  Conversion... Optimization... All part of a foreign computer language I simply can not speak.  And not trying to be a trader to my generation but ; ummm Isn't there an app for that? Like I told Matt, its summer, my mind is on music, mojitos and the   we just put on sale. Note to self: Save one for self. 

So after I whined a bit which is never a cute look. I put on my big girl pants (actually tiny vintage cut off classic's) and comprised by writing a blog entry. 

Do something worth while today......... Check Check

Stay focused....  Seriously though did you see that one piece denim jumpsuit.





It's summer. Literally we can't. 

++ Renata



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