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Finding Your Muse

One day something will set your soul on fire and then, there is no turning back

Throughout time creative's have had their muse. A muse is defined by: “A person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.”

Givenchy had Audrey Hepburn, Tom Ford grew up with Halston- who dressed Bianca Jagger,

 Jean Paul Gaultier took inspiration from Madonna. Karl Lagerfield had a long-term relationship with Jacques De Bascher, who died in 1989 at age thirty-seven. Still, Lagerfeld appoints De Bascher as his one true muse. 

Writers have their muses. Jeanne Duval, was Baudelaire's mistress, lover and muse. Mr. F. Scott Fitzgerald had his wife Zelda. A women who was put into a sanitarium because she strove to find her own muse.

Yeate's used his heart break from Maude Gonne.  

Dora Maar is credited as Picasso's lover, inspiration and muse. Edie Sedgwick was a socialite who moved to New York to pursue modeling. She was soon introduced to Andy Warhol and his Factory, and Warhol became enchanted with her iconic style and her vibrant personality. 


We all know Kurt Cobain found inspiration in Courtney Love, Pattie Boyd is most famous for being the real Layla in the Eric Clapton song of the same name.During the 1970s, Bebe Buell is credited  to the likes of Steven Tyler and Mick Jagger


I am always preaching to be your own muse. Is that possible? Why can't it be? Sometimes it just takes a little introspection, some hard learned life lessons, feeling rock bottom, feeling on top of the world, the times you've laughed till you cried, the times you thought your tears would drown you and everyone around you. 

But how do you get that deep inside yourself? Well my loves, this is for you and you alone to figure out. Inspiration comes from the most unlikely of places. So keep your eyes and ears and hearts open, it may not bring the clarity you seek, but you will feel, you will learn. You can't look for answers . Because you'll only end up with more questions.

Personally, I use music to channel my inner muse. To bring me back. To help me to remember. Music has the ability to move us—our memories and our imaginations.The lyrics and the melody remind me of a moment I’ve experienced, a memory I haven’t recalled for ages, and I’ll feel everything that I felt back then. Let these memories sink in, remember the smell of it, the joy, the pain.  I'm brought back to a time when the best of me, the worst of me, the authentic me and I'm filled with inspiration.  

Friedrich Nietzsche once remarked, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” Let that sink in.  Nietzsche was pretty fucking profound. Sometimes controversial. But aren't all of the greatest minds.   

The Vintage Bohemian as a brand as way of life is influenced by music, poetry, all things vintage and a non mass produced philosophy. The Vintage Bohemian is a much my muse as I am its. 
Take a deep breath. Breathe all of that in.. Inspiration is in all of us. Like all epic entities it takes time and patience.   


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    I love how can connect fashion and music almost as if they are one in the same. I have loved seeing your brand grow. Can’t wait till Atlanta ! You Renata Gross are becoming my muse.

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