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It's ALL MESSY, but it is definitely AMAZING

DISCLOSURE: READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. This blog has not been edited; it is perfectly un-perfect

April 1st, I started this entry. It's now April 22nd.  Ohhhh April...The word alone holds meaning to me in more ways that I can count. The most obvious; it being the month of my birth. hashtag 29isfine


 It is also the name of my favorite character in a little movie   called Definitely Maybe, played by one of my top five   obsessions and #1 redhead Ms. Isla Fisher


 Yes, the same Isla Fischer who also starred in "Confessions of a Shopaholic’s ". Read it … And then watch it. And lets all give a little thanks to Sophie Kinsella for creating “Rebecca Bloomberg” a character based on my actual life.  (Legal Disclosure: Ms. Kinsella did not ACTUALLY base the character on me.) But I could be her, Definitely, Maybe..See what I did there? Full Circle...

 Wait, Why am I writing  about fictional people April Hoffman, and Rebecca Bloomberg? Why am I writing about April! I could get philosophical here; but I spare you the mellow drama and go for the obvious.   April Hoffman is basically the poster child for the 1990’s grunge loving, travel lusting, Jane Eyre Vintage book buyer.  hashtag: fashioninspo  hashtag: girlcrush

Rebecca Bloomberg? A character who actually went to rehab for shopping.  hashtag: enoughsaid hashtag: nextexcuseforasickday 

Oh April....

  1. Summer body panic;  Soul Cycle.. I need you.....
  2. The seasonal ritual of the changing over the clothes (which I do not even participate in)
  3.  That feeling of I can do and be anything resurfaces - the sun is shining - and the knowledge that Summer is around the corner. Definitely, Maybe.... 
You remember summer? "Summer is where the girls go barefoot and their hearts are just as free as their toes " The Vintage Bohemian Girl has nothing standing in her way.


Each day last week, both  the Vintage bohemian and featured one of our summer pieces, wittily cited with  lyrics from the Beatles “Here Comes the Sun” It was a feeble attempt to try  and make light of not only what seems like  the forever lasting gray winter, the challenge of creating a website with substance, and the job of coming up with daily content for social media platforms.  Copy, paste, bam- missions accomplished.  I am quite clever when I need to be….. Definitely, maybe....


The “Plan" actually backfired, because it actually snowed all week . And I still had nothing to write about. Disclosure: My plans backfire A LOT  It then occurred to me who cares if the sun is shining, let your SOUL shine.

 So no this blog isn’t perfect, it has it’s flaws , it wanders and it comes back full circle.  Then it is off again. Are we Lost, Lacking, Learning? NO!  We are just LIVING! Definitely, Maybe.  


Up Next: Meet the incredible women The Vintage Bohemian have been collaborating with.



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    Renata, I love everything about this! Its been a long winter for me too!

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