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Live Styled..... Live Free....

It's like fetch, except it is totally gonna happen.  For all you new readers (Hi Mom!)

Live Styled + Live Free was The Vintage Bohemian until ya know until we had to get permits and learn about LLC's and Tax Id numbers..  Actually we went through 3 ip addresses, 40 logos  etc. I have an issue, I don't know when the one is the ONE. I either react irrationally, or torture myself on the simplicest of decisions. PSA this is in all aspects of my life.  

I was married once.  And it DEVASTATED me that while trying on wedding gowns I never got that "yes to the dress warm and fuzzy feeling.."  Actually, I think I hated every prom dress I ever wore, and I even had a few custom made!  Always the same; all in or all OUT.  Side note: Is it weird that I considered the DRESS the ONE? #basicbitchnessisgreat 

When I really got The Vintage Bohemian up and running it got to a point where changing the name would be ridiculous... Business Suicide.  So I decided right then and there, I'm in...... HOWEVER I promised The Vintage Bohemian will always grow, will always change back if needed  .... I  would always try new things, I refused to be confined by labels.....   (It's only fair to admit here that in reality I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing ;)

This certainly explains why at times my taste in clothing reflects my playlist...... ALL OVER THE PLACE Ya know what? as it should be.

My, no OUR lives are constantly changing.  The fact that we are under no obligation to be the same person we were yesterday, well HELL YES. 

You can like sparkles, you can be into makeup and you can also be into science, or politics or sports. The Vintage Bohemian has a message to "labels" FUCK OFF! You can not define us, we are beautiful amazing complex multifaceted individuals. And WE DECIDE , WE DEFINE OURSELVES. 

I could preach here about self love, but I'm no expert and definitely taking a little longer to figure out this chaos we call life.  But I do know this........ Be You. Do You. For you. The minute you start making yourself #1 I think (don't quote me) but I think that's when the serenity sets in...    I've been there, I've lost my place there, but I know this, when you have balance within yourself- that's when you can truly be the best mother, girlfriend, sister, wife , friend, boss, self.........  

What  I am saying  peaches is, it begins with YOU.  Stay real my Vintage Bohemians, but never stop imagining, dreaming   or believing in MAGIC.  AND NEVER let anyone else define you. 


Legal Disclosure: I have no medical, psychiatric or life training skills.....  I'm just doing my best to figure all this out..You know what I'm so happy to do it with all of you..   


  • Posted by Tal on

    yes thank you the blog is back…….. and babe this is why we love you. xoxoxoxo

  • Posted by Jenn on

    RENATA- we met last year in Philadelphia!!!! SOUL SISTERS you have my number doll, call and visit! #mostfunever #ophelia

  • Posted by Mel on

    This was always one of my favorites WTF where are your blogs???? Please come retreat to Utah girl u shine here!

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