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Live Styled..... Live Free.... - The Vintage Bohemian

Live Styled..... Live Free....

I think the original purpose of this blog was to bitch about branding.......... However like most things in life, it turned an unexpected direction.... so
The fact that we are under no obligation to be the same person we were yesterday, well HELL YES. 


  • Posted by Mel on

    This was always one of my favorites WTF where are your blogs???? Please come retreat to Utah girl u shine here!

  • Posted by Jenn on

    RENATA- we met last year in Philadelphia!!!! SOUL SISTERS you have my number doll, call and visit! #mostfunever #ophelia

  • Posted by Tal on

    yes thank you the blog is back…….. and babe this is why we love you. xoxoxoxo

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