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The future is no place to place your better days

 Is it sociable acceptable to take pictures of perfect strangers with a Polaroid Camera? These days is it socially acceptable to do anything? Is the Vintage Bohemian going Political?

Answers: Yes, umm I don't know, and not here not now.  I'll start from the bottom up.

Should you be proud and INFORMED about your beliefs regarding faith, politics and money. Definitely.  Should you respect and have tolerance for others. Most Definitely.  Ever hear a bartender say "No talking about religion, politics or money" usually at your favorite seedy dive bar on a Tuesday?   I'm pretty sure I heard that line at 15 when I first got into a bar. Clearly this establishment was not very smart serving minors, however their view that "there is a time and a place for certain discussions" was on key.  I am proud of my beliefs. I am also informed. If I don't know the facts about something I listen and learn and then form my opinion.  However,  just as talking Obama Care after 3 double  Tito's and club's (with a lot of limes), is the not the time nor the place to discuss your views on the second amendment.  That's all I got to say about that. (Forest Gump quote) See what I did there. 

As for things being socially acceptable... Has our generation become too culturally sensitive? Or are we enlightened?  Hmm. Not here Not now.  



As to the first question.. the one I can actually answer and the point of this blog. While I can't be certain it is socially acceptable, I know you can do it and not freak people out, well not completely anyway. Maybe the fact that my camera was a Polaroid.. (actually it's a present day Fuji Film Instamax that I got for Christmas from Santa. The same one as my 10 year old niece.)  Had I been walking around with a digital camera ? Wait... that's so 2006;  I'll re-phrase Had I been asking to take pictures of strangers with my I Phone - (better?) I think people would be more apprehensive.  I mean aren't we taught that in the digital world we live in; an innocent picture can turn into a photo shopped porno graphical nightmare that will live FOREVER via the internet for your kids to see and ruin any chance you have of being President. ( Yes my dad had high aspirations for me). Rule #1  You don't take candy, rides or pictures with strangers.  If only life could be so simple. 

What  I am getting at is sometimes life is that simple.  And if your lucky enough to realize it, you see the world painted in a different color.  You all know that as much as I love fashion, music is really where my soul lies. Music especially LIVE MUSIC can sometimes make the world and everything else that is so confusing, simple. Just like that. 



Last night I attended Dave Mathews Band Concert at SPAC as I have every single year since I was 15.  I went with fellow music lover and hands down one of the coolest people I have ever met, friend Emily. She first saw DMB at the age of 10 at the 1999 "Woodstock" Ya know the bad Woodstock Unlike the previous two incarnations of Woodstock, Woodstock '99 was portrayed by the media as being marred by violence, rape, and fire. Emily's parents took her. People weren't as socially sensitive in the 90's.  ;)


Anyway as pinned my vintage white dress, and put a little signature "my little pony braid" in my hair I figured I'd bring my polaroid.  Sorry Fuji Max. I figured I could take a few fashion pics and call it a blog entry. As I began to take people's pictures it became so much more. Yet so simple. So clear.  Music like fashion are means of expressing yourself.  And in the words of a legend I affectionally call Madge "Express Yourself. "  Every person /group I took pictures of had their own style, their own dynamic, their own story. Even before Dave strummed the first chords of his set,  or sang his first throaty lyric, we were a community. A community where peace was priority, negativity didn't exist.  It didn't matter how old or young, rich or poor, right or left wing we were; at the moment we were all there for the same thing; to loose ourselves to the extent of the rhythm becoming our pulse. The lyrics, our heart.  To experience what sometimes seems to be a vintage feeling, Joy.  Because lets face it these days there is not enough fucking joy. 


I want to thank everyone who let me take their picture, who shared with me a little of their story, your all amazing and beautiful and we'll always have DMB Summer SPAC 2018.

I was asked last night if I was an artist. I took the question literally. I can't draw or paint, I know 3 songs on the ukulele, and as my blog entries prove I certainly can not write.  I answered,  "No. I don't know what I am." He replied "your definitely an artist" What a simple question. But how god damn profound.   The Vintage Bohemian isn't into labels. We create our own style and we don't follow the rules.  Whether it be in fashion or music or thought - Let go of who you think you're supposed to be and be who you are. 

That said in the words of Mr. Bob Dylan, "Be groovy or leave man"

++ Renata

Here is a sneak peak at some of the amazing new friends we made! 



  • Posted by Jackie on

    You were the cutest little bohemian ! Still love that dress! It was awesome getting to meet you!

  • Posted by Katie on

    So fun meeting you! Love the blog! love the store!

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